Spanish/English – Alaba`s incredible trip


El increíble viaje de Alaba – Alaba’s incredible trip  is a bilingual heart-touching story in Spanish and English highly recommended for children aged 7-10 and adults. The story consists of 14 short chapters in each language version.

El increíble viaje de Alaba – Alaba’s incredible trip has been written and elaborated by the Culture Corner Team. It is dedicated to people who love reading books and stories for children in Spanish and English. The story consists of short and simple sentences, perfectly suitable for beginners and intermediate learners. Each chapter contains a short set of questions that allows the reader to verify his level of understanding of the text.

El increíble viaje de Alaba – Alaba’s incredible trip is a story about a girl who for the first time in her life leaves the family home called HERE and sets off into an unknown world called THERE. Each place she visits is full of surprises, incredible things and people that she has never known before. Alaba observes the world through the eyes of a child, draws her own conclusions and learns from her own mistakes. And all this to become as smart and as intelligent as her favourite camel – Qavi.