English (easy)

15,30 $


Culture Corner English Course for beginners is highly recommended for self-learners. It consists of learning materials in PDF format and a separate audio file.

Culture Corner English Course for beginners is designed for people who have never had contact with the English language before. It is also dedicated to people who have already started learning the language and now would like to recall the most basic expressions and sentences.

The English course for beginners consists of 100 beautifully illustrated pages, which, in combination with the text containing simple words, expressions and sentences perfectly reflect the situation displayed in the picture and allow for an immediate understanding of the context and the meaning of the text. Beautiful graphics along with the audio file attached to the course greatly sharpen our intuition and allow to absorb the language in a natural way. The recording allows to listen to the real sound of the English language, get to know its melody and correct, natural pronunciation.