Afrikaans (intermediate)


Culture Corner Practical Afrikaans Conversations are highly recommended for intermediate and advanced learners. They consist of 39 dialogues.

Culture Corner Practical Afrikaans Conversations are designed for people who pay special attention to the practical aspect of the language. Our materials are perfect for all those who plan to travel to an Afrikaans speaking country and urgently need specific vocabulary. Our conversations are based on everyday life, they are full of everyday phrases, questions, without which it would be very difficult to function in public places and in less formal situations. Here you will find typical conversations between ordinary people and: customs officials, doctors, shop assistants, waiters, professors, students and many more. We will take you to a restaurant, shop, airport, pharmacy, cafeteria and many other places that we visit every time we are in a foreign country. Our super practical conversations will make your trip easy and enjoyable. They will save you in most situations because you will be able to express everything you need and want to express.

Practical Afrikaans Conversations are perfect for students who are preparing for exams and need to recall key words in a very short time. Our conversations are funny – reading them will be a real pleasure and an extremely useful form of spending free time.

Try it. You will see that learning Afrikaans has never been so easy.